Zpoc Albany

A glimmer of Hope

As you are all walking around and looking and salvaging what can be salvaged from the houses any of you who had still their smartphones on due to habit get the following:

Test – am I up and running?

Bug Eyes got the solar working, finally, and the group has agreed to let me tap in once a day (if possible) to report on our progress and, also try and make contact with people not killed or beseiged by the zombies. If you’re reading this, I hope you are as of yet unaffected by the terrible events which have hit the midwest, U.S. and who knows where else.

We know some semblance of civilization still exists; we see jets and helicopters in the sky from time to time, fragmented radio broadcasts, the fact that the internet is still here. (At least I think the internet is still here, given the fact I am able to log on and write this, but of course I will not know for sure until I hear from others with internet access.)

I will try to record the daily events of living in this compound during the zombie outbreak, however long that may last, and also explain how I and the others here made it this far. We all pray for rescue soon, but I will do my best to accurately portray life in the grip of this plague, especially for those of you lucky enough to be living in the zombie-free zones.

I have to man the roof for my watch now, and will try to get on tomorrow to see if this message made it through.

Until tomorrow,
Keep your heads down and your footsteps light.

Jim Pickett.


“If this is legit we may want to alter our white board list a bit. I say we decide here and now (or after the next drop at least) if we decide to hunker down at the U-Stor-It or hit the road and try to get with some other group. If we hit the road I say we make it a high priority to find some kind of transport vehicle, or vehicles, that we can armor up, weapon up that we can use to get to another spot. They gotta be able to haul a lot of us around – assuming our little community here keeps growing. Armor plating is expendable enough, but weapons mounted ‘aint. Any big gun has to be able to come off easily enough, but not so easy some butt fuck can grab it the second we turn our backs. Locks would be ideal. We should try to get some locks right quick. We can use them for a bunch of things: the vehicles, our weapons, Arty’s pot stash, whatever.”

Since when does Clint even have a phone…

First we need to find out who this guy is and where he is located. He said Zombies in the Midwest, that sounds like it has spread further, he may not even know the east coast is already gone. I want to know more information before we decide anything, either way we need the lab gear if we are going to work on a vaccine, or cure. We have less than a day to a drop, lets at least see what comes down before we decide anything, but we should send a response. Don’t list our location as anything closer than Albany though, last thing we want is bandits coming down on our place.


“Agreed, 100% Clint”
“I mentioned getting a school bus and armoring it up. It will provide more room than say a UPS truck. From the email it sounds like this guy is in the mid west, and I’m very cool with heading out that way. I have a brother up in Wyoming, whom I mean to try emailing now that we have the ability. I’m pretty sure George is still alive up there. "

The Sat phone rings


Hey did any of you got a creepy email message ?” Claire asks with a worried tone. "I was trying to see if I could reach anyone on the other EIS Officers on the back net when I got flooded with an email from a Jim Pickett

“Doc, tell the lady to chill out. Maybe you could cook her up some Xanax. Yes, we got the email”

“Ok, let me type this email as I say it out loud. Correct me if you think we should say something else.

Mr. Pickett, I am with a small group of survivors in the area of Albany NY. We have means of protecting ourselves, and are gathering supplies and well-meaning survivors. Where is your group at?"
Anything else?


“Claire, we all got the message, those of us with phones, I wouldn’t call it creepy though, we will see if we can talk to this guy and what he has to say. Do not tell anyone where we are”


“Keep our location vague…lie even. I get a feeling this is a phishing trap…only they’re after our supplies not our credit card numbers. Whoever “Jim Pickett” is, he finds out where we are, we’ll be getting paid a visit by some rogue guardsmen like we were back at the cabin."


“You have had internet for over a week too, if you gave us the codes we could all have it, I am sure someone has figured out how to hack whatever they did by now. It sounded like he just got some solar powered thing running. Anyway Andy and Jake will take care of it. We knew long ago they abandoned the east as a lost cause, we are on our own, so think about that before using all the supplies.“


“Yeah, maybe Claire isn’t the only one that could use a Xanax. Use some manners when speaking to the lady, Doc. She’s not the enemy, try to be a little more gentle. Maybe pretend that she’s a real girl?”


“Someone is not getting any dessert tonight. And yes I know he mentioned Solar Power but we have Wind witch is better!! YAY! and I don’t use up all the supplies I feed everyone equally and try to make everyone feel like there is still some sense of normal. YOUR WELCOME!”


“That’s what you get for poking the bear again…”


Hands the phone to Andy, “Here you deal with her, first she is freaking out about a mass email, now she is talking about things being normal. I have notes to read before dark”


“Sure, Doc. Hey Claire, everything is cool. We will reply to this guy and see what’s up. We’ll catch up when we get back, but there are a horde of zombies headed our way right now so we are going to hang up and ttyl. No shooting while on your cell, it’s against the law!”

Andy types the following reply on his phone:

Mr. Pickett, I am with a small group of survivors in the area of Albany NY. We have means of protecting ourselves, and are gathering supplies and well-meaning survivors. Where is your group at?

if you or any of your group has family in the Albany area, let us know. We will t ry to check on them and gather them up for safety.

Yours truly,
Andy Parker


“Oh ok! Be Safe now! and remember always aim 2 inches lower to compensate for recoil and make sure you always tap your magazine before reloading to release some of the stress of the spring and line up the bullets to avoid jams Buh bye now”


Will do Ma’am click “Guys, I just had an idea. We need to get that dirt bike working ASAP. With the dirt bike and the atv, we can start patrolling in a group, and not be tied to roads which are obvious trap areas”


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