Andy James Parker

6th lvl Survivalist


Born: Richmondville, NY, 1/1/1985
Height: 6’
Weight: 210
Age: 28
Eyes: Blue
Hair: dirty blonde


Early Childhood:
Andy was born to parents who were pushing the envelope of being able to have children. His mother was 46, his father was 50. He grew up with an older brother who was 15 years his senior, so he was more of a second father than an older brother. In fact, he did a lot of father-son things with George, his brother, that his father just wasn’t capable of in his mid to late 60’s.

High School/College
He went to the Cobleskill-Richmondville High School, and stayed local for college and went to SUNY Cobleskill. He played most sports in high school, but was most successful at the college level in baseball, and was able to get some scholarship money. Coming from a humble family, he worked his way through college, taking jobs at the local pizza place and Walmart. His associates degree in hand, he moved to Albany to pursue his Bachelors of Arts in Accounting from SUNY Albany.

Life was a straight shot from there for Andy. He met a recruiter from Chubb at a job fair at SUNY Albany, and entered the entry-level actuary program.

Well, it was a straight shot until the worlds greatest curveball came along and basically fucked the whole world up.

His parents sent him an email shortly after it all went really bad in the north east. They had moved up to southern New Hampshire and things there were getting really bad. At 72 and 76, they had seen enough of things gone to hell in this world, they didn’t want to witness what was happening. So they sent an email to Andy and George, and checked out.

Andy sent an email off to George a short while ago, but is yet to hear back from him. He’s out in the midwest living with some survivalist group.

Andy James Parker

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